Integrated And Intelligent Management of all Servers and Network by
Artificial Intelligence

Saving Time

Users’ time is valuable to us. We do not waste it. We save them from searching and repeatedly visiting different sites, many of which are unreliable and many of which are promotional websites.

Anticipate problems

We can assure our customers; Before they realize that their computer system has a problem or the life of their hardware parts is coming to an end; We will find out and fix it.

Integrated Management

Centralized management, integrated and simultaneous access to all servers; Clients and equipment under supervision through CSCE’s special management panel.


Today, all activities are done by computer systems and networks.
For this reason, providing specialized services in this field is very important.
Due to years of professional activity in the field of information technology, our team has achieved a complete understanding of this field. By analyzing and examining the problems and needs of users in information technology, we decided to create a comprehensive system.
We can design and implement innovative and creative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence with dedicated algorithms and provide services to computer engineers and all users in this field.
The comprehensive system of computer engineers can provide innovative and new services to their users by using exclusive algorithms and patterns through artificial intelligence.
Our exclusive services on the Windows platform and Mobile Application based on Artificial Intelligence will include the following:

* Integrated and intelligent management on all servers and network
* Cyber Security and intrusion prevention
* Troubleshooting and solving software problems
* Diagnosing hardware problems and defects before they occur
* Record events and report to the system administrator

Answers to all users’ questions in our comprehensive and specialized knowledge database

Easy Access

Very easy to access and user-friendly to work with the CSCE’s system.
All users of our comprehensive system, even the elderly or those with physical disabilities, can send their requests to solve system problems.

With just one click. Image Processing of CSCE will help them.

Full Site Editing

This product is a program based on artificial intelligence and Image Processing that helps users and administrators of information systems to solve all their
computer and network problems.

Data Knowledge Base

The most complete and comprehensive
database of problems and guidance for
easier and better use of the computer
system .

Affordable Prices

Based on the policies of our company and the needs of our customers, we provide our services at three different levels with high quality. Considering the nature of the project; We guarantee that we will offer the best and fairest price to our customers.

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